Good times last night

My family and I had a good time out for supper last night. The food was good, and the company even better! We laughed, toasted our parents for the 50 years they've been married and had cake and tea at the house after supper. The little kids were well behaved, they sat in their seats and colored and kept us laughing with their little stories. We even had some good wine! So good in fact I may buy a bottle for Christmas. My brother and his wife picked up the bill for supper for everyone, which surprised us all, but we were all very thankful. I was the holder of the cash for other people, so I had to give it back discretely after.

DD didn't make it home, so I'm going to do up a little care package and send it back to school with a friend of hers. I'll get the few things she would like to after my massage.

DD will be home in 2 weeks for her Christmas break, and I'll be home for the majority of that time. I'll be glad to have her home for a visit.


jpkittie said…
congrats to your parents!!! what a great celebration! :)
Maureen said…
You sound so relaxed and in control just now, what an awesome place to be.

Glad you had a great night out and congrats to your parents.
Jane said…
Sounds similar to my dinner out last night (minus the kids)! Two other people surprisingly paid for everything! What a treat! Not long til Christmas holidays now - I have two weeks off and am soooo looking forward to it.

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