falling off the healthy eating wagon...

Confession time: last night for supper I ate lightly salted ripple chips, onion dip and pepsi... Sunday night I had sour cream and onion chips with pepsi... Why? becuase my anxiety level has been on a steady incline the past week or so, and I turned to food to deal with it... not the smartest move I've made lately. This morning I work up with a salt hangover, stiff joints, swollen eyes and an overall feeling that the "black cloud" aka depression may be coming to haunt me yet again.

What will I do to keep the black cloud at bay? Sunshine is my friend, 20 minutes of sunshine at lunch time will do wonders for me, start a food diary to help track my moods and the foods I'm eating, attend 2 exercise classes a week, and walking on the week-ends. I'll also look at doing a yoga video once or twice a week and taking some vitamins.

I'll also keep tracking my spending and keeping in contact with friends as they can be a great help.

side bar: My blog started out dealing with my debt, but it's morphed into more about my overall life. I may need to change my header... any ideas?


Maureen said…
I have suffered from mild depression almost all of my adult life and I blame it for my yo-yo dieting habits. But friends offer great support, as does exercise, and healthy eating. you seem to recognise this so you will be OK .
You are not alone in falling off the healthy eating wagon!! Just last night we had fried fish, French Fries and Beer. Followed by a vanilla shake from Chick Fil A. Today, I packed a healthy lunch... but I can easily deviate from that and hit the drive through at Burger King. Stress does it for me. Family stress, Work stress... easily relieved by Cookie Dough. It is not that bad yet... but, well.. you know. Stay Strong... work on your food diary and take a few moments for yourself. You can get back on track :)
Jane said…
Wow, that's what I love about you Sam, you quickly identify a problem and then create a plan to help you deal with it - I think you are going to be just fine. I think the blog morphing happens to a lot of us - I know mine has changed over time. I don't think you need to change the IT"S ME, SAM part just the part underneath to be more all-inclusive. Perhaps:
IT'S ME, SAM...all of me!
jpkittie said…
bummer :( I am so sorry - I really hope that you have a great support system to keep on the happy positive track - I know I am not speaking out of turn when I say that you have all of us here on your blog that will do everything we can in the cyber world to keep you positive!!!!
ND Chic'c Cents said…
I found myself on the same path as you with the junk food this past week. It's so easy with Halloween candy and all the munchies lately. I went to the grocery store yesterday and bought some of my favorite fruit. Hopefully it will help.

I added you to my blog roll and I would appreciate the same :)

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