Christmas shopping...

Yesterday, I knocked a couple more things off my giving list for the season. I'll wrap the gifts later on today, and this afternoon I'll do a bit more shopping, as I managed to score 4 "buy 50.00 worth of merchandise, take 25.00 off the total cards". I ended up giving 2 cards to my sister, 1 to my mother and kept 1 for myself. we had fun shopping this afternoon, and I ended up with a pair of beige skinny cords ( size 11), a purple blouse ( size L) and a beautiful long teal coloured sweater. We also attended the Autism fundraiser, my mom won three times, my sister once and me, well I ended with 20.00 less in my pocket. I had a quick visit with a friend and we're making plans to do something grown up in December.

I worked last night and we stayed steady until midnight. I ended up leaving work with 115.00 in my pocket. Score one for the middle aged waitress. ( OMG, I'm technically middle aged now... YIKES) Normally, when I'm managing the restaurant, I stop taking tables around 9:00, but last night it was after 11:00 when I stopped taking tables. And yes, I was tired last night. Being on my feet for 7.5 hours is long some nights.

Money spent this week-end, 53.00 for gas, 9.00 for breakfast this morning, 49.00 for new clothes, 26.25 for my nasty habit and 20.00 for Autism.

I'm having a short week at work this week, I'll be home again Tuesday night, and I'm excited to being home for more than 2 days!


The Witch said…
Wow, great night for you and lots of cash to show for all your hard work.
Short week is right I'm only working 3 days and them I'm off for 4 days YA HOOO!!!
I'm sure you feel the same way.
Seems like you are really getting a head start on the Christmas shopping.
I'm almost finished and will start wrapping after Remembrance Day.
Then I will start my Christmas baking, and decorating.
I think I will really get into Christmas this year because I will have almost 12 days off.
Did you book time off also?
Maureen said…
I can imagine how your feet felt after such a long shift, I seem to have spent all my working life standing up.

Well done on your spends you are doing so well.
ND Chic'c Cents said…
Lol! Is your nasty habit smoking? That's what I immediately think because that's mine. I'm trying to quit and I only smoke about a pack a week but still.
its me, sam said…
Yep, smoking is my bad habit!
its me, sam said…
I'll be working from home for around 3 weeks or so! I'm getting pretty excited, as DD is done the 10th and I'm going to pick her up that day!
Jane said…
I don't know how you do it - waitressing has got to be one of the toughest jobs going AND you have another job as well? Guess I shouldn't complain...Sounds like you've got Christmas under control, wish I could say the same...

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