Celebrating with family and friends.

On Thursday I received lots of Birthday wishes and a super donair from Pizza Delight from my landlady for supper. Friday I ended up leaving earlier than normal from work and was home by 1:30. The drive was bad, heavy rains and lots of wind. My parents made supper for me, BBQ steak, baked potatoes, asparagus, spinach salad, sauteed mushrooms and onions, plus a pumpkin cheesecake with ginger snap crust and a white cake( my nephew wanted cake, so my parents bought one).

My nephew also bought me a bouquet of flowers that he picked out himself. He picked them for their scent, and they're all different shades of yellow and purple. He also signed the card and it's a keeper! My sister gave me new pj's, which I'll be wearing the next time it's cold!

This week I spent 26.00 on groceries, 8.00 on fast food, 1.25 for coffee, 5.00 for tickets, 6.00 on chips and pop, and 6.00 for Tylenol muscle and back pain medication.

Later on today, I'll grab my pay from my PT job and do a little Christmas shopping. I'm thinking of getting the new PJ's for DD and I, plus the gift cards for 2 of my nephews for the movies.

I'll take the dog for a walk this morning, in-between rain storms, do a bit of shopping and work tonight for 8 hours. Tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to visit a friend and possibly attend a fund raising event for Autism for a bit. ( One of my nephews is Autistic and his care is very expensive).

Fingers crossed, my sister has someone very interested in her house. If all goes well, and it sells, I'll be able to stick close to an extra 600/month towards debt repayment and savings.


Jane said…
I am keeping my fingers crossed on the house sale - that extra $$ on the debt payment will be wonderful!
Maureen said…
Glad you had a good Birthday, sounds like they gave you some very thoughtful gifts.
I never noticed you spending any money on your bad habit, does that mean you,ve managed to kick the habit ???
Sounds like you had a very enjoyable birthday! You have a lot of love surrounding you, which is wonderful. Fingers crossed that the house sells!
Sharon said…
Sounds like you had an awesome birthday!! Glad you enjoyed it! (And, oh by the way, you spent ALOT less than I did this weekend...I'm a bit jealous!)

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