The best laid plans can fail some days...

Instead of getting my house cleaned today, I spent the large part of my day visiting with my friend whose mother is in palliative care. It was a good visit and while she is exhausted in all aspects, she has made some important discoveries about herself and her life to this point. I can't fathom what she is going through right now.

I did buy groceries today, 50.86 worth and I have tons of food for the next week or so. I'm going to finish my Christmas shopping this week-end and then I'll be able to relax while others are running in mid- December. I only buy for the kids in my life, and I'll give bake goods to friends and family. I just have about 250.00 left to spent for gifts and I'm done. I'll even pick myself up something to wrap and put under the tree for me. I decided not to have people over Christmas eve this year, I do plan on hanging out with family and friends that day, but don't want to feel the pressure of having my house open to everyone.

I'm off to do some more work for work, and I'll blog more later on this week-end about how I make out with my shopping.

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day, and I plan on attending the ceremony tomorrow.


Sharon said…
I'm going to be one of those ones who are running around mid december, as I decided I didn't want to "do" Christmas until Dec. 1. I have a potluck and gift exchange for Christmas Eve, so it's not too much work.

Your grocery bill is low! I'm jealous, for sure! And, cleaning can always wait!

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