Who's up for a new challenge? ( see the end of the post)

Shoppers is offering 20x the points this Saturday. I'm taking the money I saved from not buying coffee this month and I'm going to buy food items for the food bank. I've decided on buying 4 cans of coffee, 4 bags of sugar, 4 jars of peanut butter for the food banks. I will buy some girls stuff for the house. I figure that I'll spend about 55.00 at Shopper's. I'll bag the food items and drop them off to Tim Horton's this week-end.

Some other good items for the food bank that you may not think about are shampoo, soap, tooth paste, dental floss, laundry soap, razors, toilet paper, diapers, pads, tampons, etc. ( If you don't have money for food, you may not have enough for personal hygiene items either).

Food pantry staples are good too.Things like tea, rice, pasta, canned fruit and veggies, pasta sauces, ketchup, mayo, mustard, beans, flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, salt, pepper, etc.

Many of us are so fortunate in being able to buy what we like at the grocery store and never having to choose between putting food in fridge or paying for rent. If you can, please give to your local food bank this Christmas. A box of pasta can make a difference to a family in need.

If you knit, consider adding mittens, scarves and hats to your donation.

Actually how about a challenge people? Give to the food bank and post your photos the month of December! Anyone in? I have no idea how I'll track it, but I'm sure someone maybe able to help.


Sharon said…
I'm in Sam. Definitely!
Jason said…
Giving to the food bank while getting a reward from Shopper's. Sounds like fun. My wife and I haven't gone looking for the food bank in our area but there is a food drive coming up and we should get our acts in gear to be ready.


I was very intrigued by your post title and immediately had to read it! I love your challenge and I am going to join you in it :)
GAmomdb said…
What a wonderful challenge!!! I live in a rural area in North Georgia and our single gracery store has small food boxes for sale for the local food bank.

I will be donating both to the food shelter as well as our struggeling Humane Society.

You are doing a good thing Sam!! My hat is off to you.

GA Donna
Jane said…
What a wonderful idea. Count me in. I am also going to take advantage of the 20xpoints at Shoppers by buying my daughter's stocking gifts there. Gifts that give twice - I love it!
Doing a food bank drive just for that. The stats are really sad for how many families go without food.
The Witch said…
We always donate to the local food bank. I was a volunteer for over 10 years and have seen some sad times especially at Christmas.
We just had a huge food drive in Oct which was really great, but sadly still not enough. Count me in.
Maureen said…
I don,t think we have such a thing in Australia, although I have seen some shopping Malls do a similiar thing for local people. Will definitely be doing that and also putting a gift below the trees in Kmart and Target.
Marguerite said…
Sam, I found this post through The Witch and just had to get in on the action. Posted on my blog (Canoe Corner) this evening with my contribution. Wonderful idea! thanks for sharing.

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