When will I learn?

Case in point, lunch time today a couple of my co-workers were going out for a quick bite. I decided to join them. When I looked at the menu, nothing really appealed to me, but I ordered a western sandwich and hashbrown cooked on the grill with onions. The potatoes? Deep-fried with a few cooked onions tossed in, and the sandwich... nothing to writer home about. Total cost including tip? 9.25 and I didn't even get the glass of water I asked for... Next time, I'll sit at my desk and eat my much tastier lunch... For good news, my landlady gave back the 5.00 and asked that I buy steel cut oatmeal with it. I cook enough every day for both of us, and I figure that 5.00 will feed the 2 of us 4 mornings a week for the rest of the winter.

Lesson learned for me, leave the cash at home... Life is just easier that way. But on the up side , I still have 16.00 left...

Best part of my day? The ladies at Tim Horton's who had my coffee ready as soon as i walked in this morning! They made my day and I made sure I told them. Which reminds me, I'll be down to 15.00 tomorrow, as I plan on leaving the loonie for them tomorrow.


The Witch said…
Ya gotta love Tim's. I find their service really good also. Hubby gets lots of Tim's gift cards for Christmas so we never have to actually spend money out of pocket.
I hope you give us your recipe for cooking steel cut oats because mine just sucks!
Good plan on paying in advance for the exercise class.
I'm thinking of buying a treadmill because I don't feel safe walking and trying to run in slippery ice conditions anymore.
I have a Christmas bonus coming from work so I'm thinking that is where it may be going.
Sharon said…
Sam, what's a loonie?

I hate when I spend money on food that just wasn't worth it. Homemade is so much better. But that's okay, now you know...:)
Maureen said…
Even with your terrible lunch you hav,nt spent too much, well done.
its me, sam said…
Sharon, a "loonie" is the one dollar Canadian coin. It has a picture of a loon on the back, and that's how the coin got it's name. The two dollar Canadian coin is a "twoonie".

The Witch- I start my oatmeal at night. Boil it for 1 minute, than remove from heat and cover. Let it sit all night. In the morning, I bring it back up to a boil, and then simmer for 10-15 minutes.

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