What I ended up spending on Saturday...

Shoppers-58.22 ( I have to go back as they charged me for 1 too many items-2.99 is what they owe me)
Sobey's 53.70 ( I spent close to 17.00 on a bouquet of flowers for myself)
Wal-mart- 30.37 on face wash, make-up remover, etc for the house.
Frenchies- 4.73 on 2 books
Second hand clothing store - 4.98 on a tutu for DD for Halloween
Lunch out with DD 35.00 including tip
38.98 on tobacco and a lotto ticket

When i do the break down-
DD- 26.16
Halloween - 10.22
lunch out - 35.00
fun - 4.00

Lessons learned from this week-end-
Ensure that DD has her bank card when we go out. I didn't think she had it, but when we got home it fell on the floor.
Lunch out- next time just get take-out...It'll be much cheaper in the long run
When I run out of stuff- put the replacements into the budget... I could have managed to do without the face wash, etc as I can use what's here, but DD has sensitive/breakout prone skin.

DD had a very relaxing week-end, with few demands placed on her, and I think its exactly what she needed. She's leaving before supper tonight, and we'll have a good lunch, get her food items packed up some winter clothes and she'll be gone for another month or so.

Oh and my black boots that I bought last month at Winners? DD loves them so much she borrowed them and her friends all loved them. However, their mine, and won't be leaving with her!


The Witch said…
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Glad you and DD were able to spend it together.
Thanks for the tip on what Shoppers Drug Mart had on sale. I bought 4 things of butter. The line up was crazy at the check-out.
its me, sam said…
Shoppers here was busy here too! My parents were there the same time I was and I didn't even see them. I bought all unsalted butter to use for baking at Christmas. Octobers O magazine has some recipes for goodies that I'll be making for Christmas ( chocolate bars, caramel corn and sponge toffee... That's what my family and friends will be getting this year.
Jolie said…
I never got there....I don't suppose since it's a long weekend, it extends to Monday too??
Jane said…
So glad you had some quality time with your daughter. Mine is at university too but able to live at home. That doesn't mean I see much of her - she works 30 hours a week also so today is the first time we've had any time together for the past week. We're having our turkey dinner today and she and I have been reminiscing about all the trips we've taken together, her and I, over the years. She was a highland dancer and we travelled all over Canada for her to compete. Last big trip we took was out east - Antigonish, Cape Breton, Lunenburg etc - that's how I got hooked! Fell in love with the Maritimes:)
Canadian Saver said…
Glad you've had a good weekend with your DD!

I missed the sale on butter, thought it was going on all week. Oh well... I didn't really need it on my hips ;-)
Sharon said…
Happy Thanksgiving...I'm going to have turkey on Sunday in honor of all my Canadian friends!

Too bad about the tobacco part...it takes up a lot of cash, huh? But it also is a hard habit to break. (I think I spend just as much on coffee, coke and chocolate!)

I spent $62.00 at Red Robyn and none of it tasted good. It felt like a waste.

I'm glad you had a great weekend! HOLD ONTO THOSE BOOTS!!!! :)!
Maureen said…
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Your spends werent too bad, except for the dreaded weed.

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