Thanksgiving is over, and what I'm thankful for today

DD is gone and the house feels a little lonely tonight. She left with some food, winter clothes, and Halloween costumes. My parents also gave her some cash, to buy groceries with, as the quality of the food in the cafeteria leaves something to be desired. Actually it leaves a lot to be desired: oatmeal tomato soup anyone?

After she left, I joined my sister, nephew and mother on a walk. I brought the dog too, and he was sniffing everything and pulling by times. We saw 2 families of ducks in a marsh ( they were about 10 feet away at the most). Along the trail is another marsh and my nephew got to witness the damage that beavers can cause in a short span of time. The beavers have flooded the walking trail and the trees that are damaged is amazing. ( I'll have to bring my camera next time). The dog also went for a couple of quick dips in the water.

Today I'm thankful for getting to stay at home for an extra 2 days, DD and the rest of my family, the great outdoors, a comfy couch to nap on and the dog...


Jane said…
How quickly our long weekends pass. I am stuffed from another great dinner and thinking ahead to what I am going to wear to work tomorrow - will probably need something with an elastic waistband lol!!
Maureen said…
Sounds like my idea of bliss.
Enjoy your two extra days.

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