Stats from my blog

Ok, I want to know who is reading my blog from all over the world! Please leave me a comment!

Blog stats from this week:
Canada 334

United States 166

United Kingdom 21

Russia 15

Ireland 6

South Korea 5

Netherlands 5

Australia 3

Slovenia 3

Romania 2

All time:

Canada 5,120

United States 2,682

United Kingdom 273

South Korea 106

Luxembourg 88

Brazil 66

Ireland 53

Australia 37

India 34

Russia 33


Sharon said…
Isn't that cool????Wow! You are being read by people all over the world! Add me as one from u.s.a. ;)
Canadian Saver said…
You can now add Belgium and I checked in Paris too :-)
its me, sam said…
Ha, CS I just checked and it showed up! Too cool!
Maureen said…
I,m one of the Aussies ( imagine you can see me waving )

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