Showing some self control... and the menu for the week

I forgot to buy the baby shower gift at Zellers yesterday. I got caught up looking at books and put 2 in my cart, but when I got to the cash I told the cashier that I didn't want them. I did however pick up one of DD's Christmas presents while I was there, and I took a wander through the toy isle. My two youngest nephews are 5 and 6, both love "Raiders of the lost Ark", one so much he dressed up like Harrison Ford's character for Halloween last year. At Zellers I found last seasons toys marked way down. I ended up buying my nephews "booby traps".

I ended up spending 26.98 on a stamp and tobacco yesterday ( cash), 76.52 at Zellers ( 40 cash, the rest on debit). Oh and 1.69 at CT for another gift for DD ( I used my CT money to pay for the bulk of the gift). I ended up making 45 last night at the restaurant, my section wasn't very busy and I was out of there by 10:00. Today I need to put gas in my car and that's it.

I decided that I'm not going to buy groceries this week. I have enough food to last me until Friday, and It'll force me to use up what I have. I did make apple sauce yesterday, I have 5-one cup jars frozen, and probably 2 cups fresh sitting in the fridge.

My rough meal plan for the week is:

supper -chicken and broccoli with rice noodles- pasta with sausage and homemade tomato sauce- tuna sandwich with carrots- eggs and fried potatoes- potato cheddar soup- pot roast with root veggies-
lunches will be leftovers and breakfast will be oatmeal, fruit and yogurt. Snacks will be fruit and popcorn.

Friday afternoon I'll get what I need to last until October 31. I'll keep you posted on how I do!


Sharon said…
Thanks for the great ideas for meals this week! Especially breakfast. I have a lot of oatmeal packets, and it's so filling.

Dinners will be what I have in the freezer. I'm not shopping again until Friday, as I only have $140 to last until the 31st. I think we'll be able to do it.

You are so far ahead of the game with Christmas! I need to get going on that one....
The Witch said…
Sounds like you have a great weeks menu planned. It must feel good also to have started your Christmas shopping. Toys marked down, wow you gotta love that.
Maureen said…
If only we could go every week without buying Groceries, we would all be rich :)
Looks like you,ve got the weeks recipes in place, well done they all sound so tasty.
Jane said…
Not buying groceries for a week is a great idea - I read about it once but I forget where but your post reminded me of it. The jist was that we could easily live off what is in the freezer and pantry for at least a week with a little forethought and creativity and save ourselves some $$ at the same time. Good strategy Sam! And it doesn't look like you're going to suffer at all from the meal plans that you've made! Bon apetit!!

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