Pay day

Today was my pay from my FT job-
I paid my bills as usual, and took out 240 from the bank to pay rent, to buy DD's first Christmas gift, and pick up a few things for Halloween at the grocery store.

My land lady took 15.00 off my rent, as I wasn't here on Tuesday!( Score for me). I bought 2 cans of coffee, coffee filters, and items to finish up my Halloween bags. Total spent 39.99. I have 56.00 in my wallet right now, no plans to buy any groceries this week-end, I'll pick up a few things on Monday for the week ( I'm thinking max 30.00). I also want to pick up something else for DD for Christmas, but I'll use my CT money to pay for the gift.

I'll need gas on the week-end, and to pick up DD's gift, and I have no plans for the week-end other than working and making some apple sauce, so it should be a "low spend week-end".

Tomorrow night will be laundry, a bit of cleaning and organizing a couple of areas of the house.


Maureen said…
You are doing really well, keep it up !!!!!!
ND Chic'c Cents said…
Gotta love paydays! I even have a reminder in my phone for my paydays (like I could forget).
The Witch said…
Payday for me also. YA!!!
Deposited some more Goofy bucks into my Florida account.
I'm also starting to buy a few gift gifts for Christmas this weekend.
You are doing really great with your spending Sam.
Nice that your landlady also gave you a break.
Have a great weekend.

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