My power bill is down, way down...

This months power bill was 76.00, down from 120 the previous month. I've been unplugging a few things when I leave on Monday and I've just started to turn off the hot water tank when I leave too, just to see what a difference it will make. I'm excited about the reduction in this bill.

I also even went out to a fund raiser last night, the proceeds are going to a local shelter for youth, and there was a lot of people there. I spent 5.00 there. I also spent 102.00 for the dog's kennel fees, and he has a free night the next time he goes ( I had a coupon and she forgot to take it off, so she'll do it next time). My car ended up costing 99.00, and I received 2 free stainless thermos worth 30.00 for getting my car winterized. I also spent 35.00 on my bad habit.

For November's challenge, I'm going to give up buying coffee from Tim's except on Wednesdays. That should save me about 30.00. I'll bring my coffee with me to work and I'll donate the money to a Charity on December 1st.

This morning, I'm going to get pampered, then I'm helping a friend move her mother's belongings from her apartment to my friends home. Her mom is now in palliative care, and most likely will not be here to see Christmas.

I'm still not sure what tonight's plans are, but I'm up for just getting out for a few hours. I'm going to pack up some of DD's things that are sitting on a table in the basement and knock that task off my list.

I;m already for the trick or treaters tomorrow night, and I plan on lighting the fire pit and sitting outside for the evening, as I can keep the dog with me, and no fear or him bolting on me, when the door is opened.


Good job on lowering your power bill! It is amazing at how much you can reduce your bill by just unplugging a few things when you leave the house.

We have our water heater on a timer (installed by an electrician) and that definitely helps with our bill.
Maureen said…
I never realised it could make so much difference to your power bill simply by switching appliances off.
Unfortunately because my MIL is home all day, electricity is getting used in one form or another all day long. Still there must be an area I can cut back on.
Jane said…
Wow that's fantastic news on your electrical useage. I struggle with my DD and DP on that one ALL of the time - it seems like I am always turning things off and then mysteriously they are all back on again! Our city has had smart meters installed but they won't be turned on til next year some time - not looking forward to that!
Jolie said…
Oh brave woman limiting your Tims :-) I do really well some weeks and not so much.

I probably could do a lot better on unplugging things. It's amazing how much power leaching there is simply by living things plugged in even if they are turned off.
The Witch said…
Get news on your lower power bill. I'm sure by unplugging the hot water heater you will also see a big drop. What temp do you keep the house at while your away? Even lower that a couple of degrees can help.
We went to Tim's today for a cafe mocha my favorite.I have gift cards that DH receives at Christmas which pretty well last us to Christmas. We don't go very often, but it is pricey, so it will be another way for you to save. The charity benefits also. Great idea!
Enjoy you Halloween and fire in the pit tomorrow evening, a cold front is moving in.
Sharon said…
I need to focus on lowering my utilities...that's an amazing savings, and multiply that by 12 and you have a significant number!
Enjoy Halloween and the fire's going to be a cold one here, so the fire pit is a perfect plan! :)!

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