Making a decision career wise

On Saturday I ran into a former co-worker, who took a huge chance last year and left a very good job for one that initially paid a bit less but had tons of opportunities for movement with in the field. Fast forward to today and she's not only gotten a promotion and making even more money than she did at her last job. She's happy with with her decision and was very frank in saying how scary it was to change jobs, but she's happy with her decision.

Today, I was given the chance to spend the day at my old workplace. Driving there I knew one thing for sure, I had come to the realization that come next June, I couldn't envision myself going back to work there. When my direct supervisor had a few minutes I grabbed the chance to talk to him. I told him that I wold be looking to transfer within the department or looking else where, as I felt I have done everything that I possible can there and being a realist, there are no chances of moving up at the location.

To my surprise, he agreed and thought that I should be looking for new opportunities to use my skills to my advantage. He also said that he figured when I left for my 2 years, that I would never come back to work for him, and that he was glad for me to tell him, so he knows that next June he;s not scrambling looking to place me somewhere. He did say he would be sorry to see me not coming back, and figures I have a good shot at some new jobs coming up in the near future.

I'll have 7 weeks of vacation to take come the end of June, so I may end up taking off the entire summer, or I could be starting a new job at the end of June. Whatever happens, I'll be the one paddling my own canoe, and not letting the tides move me!

So now it's time to start working on my resumes and start the application process for my Masters. Oh and getting the house ready to go on the market next spring.


Canadian Saver said…
Wow. Can you renew after your 2 years are done? Or will it have to be something new?

I'm all for trying something new... loving our job is so important since we spend so much time there! I know it will all work out for you :-)
Maureen said…
Looks like you,ve been doing a lot of soul searching, and coming up with the right answers. I envy you as I did,nt take the step and now it,s too late for me.
its me, sam said…
I may have another year added to the contract, not sure yet.
jpkittie said…
Good for you to think things through & go with what is important to you - Good Luck to you!!!!
Jane said…
Wow, is that all you have to do? Yikes, I'm tired just reading your post! Good luck with the job hunt - it really is important to be able to utilize your unique skills and be recognized for that - you sound like you have it all under control!

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