A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

DD made it home safe and sound last night. She loving school and enjoying her classes. One of her profs spoke to her about her writing skills and recommended that she go see one of the learning specialists on campus. This is not the first time this issue came up, ( her grade 6 teacher flagged her after she scored in the 95 percentile for comprehension and retention but around 25% in her writing skills). DD is willing to go and get some help in that area. She's maintaining a C average, but she wants to do better.

DD also came home with just an overnight bag. I thought for sure she'd be arriving with a ton of dirty laundry, but she left it all behind. She also worked on her first drama production in University and she loved it. Place a make-up brush in her hand and she's in her element.

Shopper's in offering 20x the points today only, and they have tons of food items on sale. The best buy is butter 2/5.00, I'll be buying unsalted in preparation for Christmas baking. I have 55.00 budgeted to spend there, 30.00 for Sobey's and 10.00 for the Superstore. I'll also be picking up my Halloween treats ( pudding cups, bags and maybe suckers and I'll have that all done).

I also picked up my pay cheque from the restaurant, it was 70.00 more than I expected, and I got a .50 an hours raise! Score one for the lady!

DD wants to sleep until noon, and then she wants to go and run a few errands. We may also go see "Social Network", but it'll depend on the time. I'll run a few errands this morning and get the laundry finished up, prep for supper and we can enjoy ourselves. I'll have to take the dog for a walk this morning too, but I'll wait until around 11:00 to do that.


Sharon said…
I don't think your daughter is alone in writing skills. I believe it's not being taught properly and they are letting kids graduate from HS with very little skills. My oldest had the same problem.

But it sounds like you are going to have a fun weekend! Enjoy your time together!
Maureen said…
Obviously your Daughters skills lie in a different direction. My Son who struggled really badly through school, was wonderful and creative, and is now working in Lndscape design. Yes she may need a little assistance but it,s nothing to stress about.

I would be taking advantage of those Grocery specials

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