Links to Frenchies

Hello Jane and others:

I didn't see any listed for PEI but maybe "Island Witch" can tell us. The key to the bins? Is to shove everything to one side and start sorting. I compare it to hunting...


Jane said…
Thanks for the links Sam - I will check them out. I did find the Value Village in Charlottetown and had pretty good luck there. Strategies? - go with plenty of time and be patient - eventually you will find the gold nugget:)
The Witch said…
Here is the link.
I've found a few things here but not enough to really want to spend the time to sort through the clothing.
Value Village is better but really creeping up in prices.
Froggies is a great bargain store with lots of good labels and the same kind of hunt as Frenchies but without the really small sizes. Seriously who is a Zero.
Maureen said…
Sounds like something this little Aussie is missing out on, now you know that,s not fair girls we are all in this thing together.

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