kick in the teeth... ( or reality check)

If you make only the Minimum Payment each month, we estimate it will
take 73 year(s) and 8 month(s) to fully repay the outstanding balance. Our
estimate is based on the New Balance shown on this statement and your
current credit card account terms.

On my new Visa, this is written in nice big letters to read... Holy Sh#t, I'll be long dead if I wait this long to pay that sucker off. Good thing I have a plan of action! Let the snow balling being...


Jane said…
Ye gods! Like you I would take that as a reality check and start throwing every snowball I had at that outstanding balance. Maybe pack a little ice into those snowballs too! You can do it!
Sharon said…
Wow, that's an eye opener! I would want to pay that off as soon as possible! :)!
Canadian Saver said…
I am glad to see they have this new option on... I noticed it the last few months too since I have a balance on my cards (from my car purchase)

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