I've made some hard decisions and here they are!

Not everyone will like what I've done, however in order to get my debts paid off, this is what I've done. I've crunched the numbers more times than I care to count, and I have plan that I can live with. So here goes:

1.) called and dropped my RRSP contrubitions from 50/biweekly to 25/monthly ( this will increase when my debt is paid off in full)
2.) called and switched my Visa from 19.9% to 11.9%. The bank told me NO at first, and I was polite and asked " if you won't switch it, why do i keep gettig offers for balance transfers of 3.9%. Whoop, whoop got this one done!
3.) I've dropped my mortage payments back to where they started from. I'm going from paying 336.??/biweekly to 260.21/biweekly.

I will take the "extra" money and snowball it on to my CC's. I will succeed this time! Having a more "realistic" plan will make it happen! Oh and in total I spent less than 1 hour on the phone ( and I did do it at work to boot!)


Sharon said…
I actually think all of those ideas are good ones!!! Just make sure the extra $$ goes into debt repayment! :)
Maureen said…
I agree with Sharon as long as the extra money is going towards paying off your debt, then I think it,s an excellent idea.
Lisa said…
It is important to get rid of the CC debt. I should know... I have some of my own to get rid of! I will be joining you in the "Spending Less and Living Well for a year Challenge. Looking forward to reading your blog!

Lisa @ Cents to Save

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