It's Monday again..

My week-end was low key. I walked the dog, read, worked at my PT job, and did some work for my FT job, cooked a couple of times, and did laundry. Oh and the never ending cleaning.

I did make 77.00 dollars Saturday night, I used it for gas -47.75, tobacco - 26.25. I do need to pick a couple of things tomorrow at the grocery store... I have a rough plan for meals this week- salads, chicken, ground beef, potatoes and rice. I even have 4/5 lunches ready for the week!

My plan for next week-end are looking like a bust too. No Halloween party for me unless people can get their plans solidified. I should have gone with my original thought and gone away next week-end to the wine festival... Next year, that's how I'll celebrate my birthday... ( depending on where I'm working)

I asked my mother to make a pumpkin cheesecake with ginger snap crust for my birthday. I'll be 41 in less than 2 weeks... Which may explain the spontanous tears today. Last week I gathered the last of my childhood items and some of DD's things from my parents home. Scattered around were some of DD's clothing from when she was little. The outfit she wore home from the hospital, the first dress her father bought her, sweaters my mother's mother knit for her ( my grandmother knit in a very unique way), and a few other things. My mother washed everything and brought them to my home and left them in a bag sitting on my bed. Every item I touched, brought tears to my eyes. No, that's a lie, full out bawling, complete with the gulps and gasps that accompy that type of cry. I'll be putting all her things in a tote, and she can take it with her when she gets her first home.

Tonight I bought a few more groceries tonight, 15.03 was the total. I also bought chocolate for baking and evaperated milk (20.96) for my Christmas baking. I spent 3.75 on a coffee and a bagel this morning.

I dropped puppy off at the kennel this morning, as my parents are away, and he needed a sitter. It'll cost me around 75.00, as I have a coupon for 1 free night of boarding.

I managed to get a ton of work done this afternoon. I left my desk and went to a quiet spot, it was heaven. I do much better in a quiet spot and no distractions. tomorrow morning I should have 2 hours of peace and quiet, so I'll get another huge chuck to things knocked off my to do list!

This week will fly by, and before we know it, it'll be Christmas.( 60 days left until Christmas Eve)...


Jane said…
Someone said to me today that it was two months til Christmas and I groaned. Isn't it awful that we think of Christmas in terms of how much it will cost us instead of the joy we should be feeling? I've got to rethink Christmas and turn things around somehow.
Maureen said…
I agree with Jane and just wishing it would all go away, as I see it as just another hiccup to my savings plan.

You are doing so well financially, keep up the good work.
The Witch said…
Don't sweat the Birthday thing it's just a number. When I turned 40 I had a great party and friends thought we were crazy. I've since had a 50th party and loving the fact that I'm still able to enjoy life to it's fullest.
DD one day will be happy to get all the baby clothing and I can see why a full crying session could happen.
All these great memories all at once.
Two month's till Christmas bring it on sister, I'm really looking forward to it along with 12 days off. Can't wait!!

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