I have 13.5 hours left to work this week...

I love my work schedule... as I sit here and write, I realise that I have 13.5 hours left to work this week. Friday afternoon will be busy, as I should get home by 2:30, load the winter tires in the car, drive to the dealership to get the winter maintenance completed ( studded tires and all), go back home, unload the summer tires, pick the dog up from the kennel, eat supper, do laundry, walk the dog, tidy the house, and maybe take some time and sit in front of the fireplace and do nothing for 1/2 an hour or so. If I'm lucky, I may actually get to do something fun this week-end, but I'm waiting on other people right now.

I've been working on the old budget again, and tracking my expenses. I'm doing fair in this category. ( but there are still 4 days left).

Actually I've just been inspired to do something for myself for this week-end. I just booked myself a massage and pedicure on Saturday. I can feel my shoulder/neck muscles starting to seize up again, and I want to get the tension out before it gets worse. The pedicure? I like pretty feet, and it's been a long time since I had one. Plus it's my way of wishing myself a happy birthday. Total with taxes is 113.00, but I'll add a tip... so closer to 130.00.

I'll post pone my hair for another 2 weeks, I can cope with it for now! Now I really have to go and get some work finished up before the week-end!


babybluewater said…
Happy Birthday! Enjoy your weekend and the treats that you are giving yourself :) Put your feet up and relax.
Sharon said…
Happy Birthday! Sounds simply divine....enjoy!!!
Maureen said…
Sounds like my idea of luxury.

Happy Birthday
Jane said…
One should always treat themselves on their birthday - what you have lined up sounds wonderfully relaxing and indulgent - in other words - perfect!
Yes the week is almost over and I am so glad as it's been a rough one. I think a long soak in the tub is coming my way:)
The Witch said…
Happy Birthday!!!
Enjoy your spa day. I'll have to think about this for my Birthday.
Some women at work have the prettiest nail work I've ever seen.
I would like to have this done but I know in my job it wouldn't last a day.
Enjoy your weekend and have a Happy Halloween!

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