Grocery spends and other items

I spent just under 74.00 on groceries today, of that just under 24.00 was for chicken that was on sale ( I bought enough to last until Christmas). I also bought 2 big blocks of cheese and milk, cream, sour cream ( close to another 20 there). I also bought a coupon for pizza ( 10.00 for the coupon and 4.00 goes to a local charity, 6.00 goes back to the company).

The fireplace was cleaned this week, which will cost around 113.00. I have no issues paying for this service, as the company does a total inspection and a great job cleaning it. Last winter I burned 250 litres of propane and I leave the pilot light on 24/7. Including the tank rental, the propane and the yearly cleaning I spend under 500/year or 1.50/day for the for something that brings me joy during the cold and snow. Tonight, I'm watching TV with the fireplace on and catching up on the work that I didn't get finished this week. The laundry is done for the week, the dog is happy that I'm home and life is feeling grand right now.

Our trip to the big city is canceled for December ( we couldn't get into an event we wanted). I'm not sure if I'll plan on doing anything else right now, but I'll check with DD and see!


Sharon said…
sounds like a very relaxing evening. Is it really cold where you are now?
Good for you on getting your shopping done for the week! You appear to have things under control and have prepared well for winter by getting your fireplace ready. We tend to run the A/C most of the year where we are. On the days it is cold here, a fireplace would be nice.
Jane said…
Just love a fireplace! We plan to heat using a wood stove to cut down on fuel costs. You have a nice sense of well-being going into the weekend - how wonderful is that! Enjoy!
jpkittie said…
Sounds good! Good job on your shopping!!!

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