Grocery shopping and weight loss

I love junk food, potato chips, smart food popcorn, Doritos's, chocolate, pop. I can't buy chips and leave them in the house. If they're there, I eat them. So, how have I managed to lose weight?

First thing my stress level is about 1/4 of what it has been for about the past 8 years. I can say that I like my job 100 times better than I did last year... Live and learn.

Second, I buy the most of my groceries from the outer perimeter of the grocery store ( fruit, fresh veggies, meat, dairy products, bread). I also buy frozen sweet potato fries and about twice a year regular fries ( thanksgiving and Christmas for hot sandwiches) I also go down the rice and pasta isle. I buy whole wheat pasta, brown rice, risotto, canned tomatoes, and tuna. On occasion I do buy cream of chicken soup, boxed chicken and beef stock. Oh and mustard, ketchup, OVOO, mayo, etc when needed. I buy flour once year or so, and the majority of my baking needs I buy at the bulk barn.

What I no longer buy with groceries: pop, chips, processed meats, packaged meals, and things with a high sodium content. ( the excetion would be bacon with 50% reduced sodium)

I eat very little bread ( I've had the same loaf for almost a month), but I do eat brown rice, pasta, potatoes, plus lots of protein and fruits and veggies. I cook with cream and real butter, plus lots of garlic and onions. I also like crushed chilies and hot sauce ( but not to excess). Oh and I very seldom eat out now, I find that most places the food is too salty and I catch myself thinking" I could make this better". I do love going out for breakfast on Sunday mornings with my family, and we're hoping to go out this Sunday.

For me, the biggest change I've made is portion size. I'd say I eat 2/3 of what I used to eat during a meal. I eat slower and take the time to enjoy cooking my meals. Making a "loose" meal every week helps too, and making a commitment to lessen the waste coming from my kitchen has helped too.

The month of September I spent a total of 216.00 for groceries...34.00 under the 250.00 I set for myself.


Sharon said…
I need to start monitoring what I'm eating now, as I've gained 10 lbs back from last year's weight loss. Bummer. (I can see it in some of the wedding pictures). But now that the "stress" of the wedding is over, I can return to weight watchers. This time I'm going to try and add exercise.
jpkittie said…
being under budget is always amazing!!!!
Jane said…
I went back to the beginning of your posts and read a few so I can attest to the fact that you're eating soooooo much healthier these days so way to go!!
It's a way of life, not a diet, and sounds like you are really on track:)
Maureen said…
I also shop better than I used to and have a reduced grocery bill, until I get to the CHOCOLATE aisle and then my cravings kick in. Where are you Jillian Michaels when I need you :)
The Witch said…
Plain ripple chips are my big downfall and all those Halloween mini bars.
I have a small bowl that hold about 10 big chips and that's my limit. A bag of chips can last me a week and a half. I think that's ok. Right now I'm eating lots of grapes and Honey Crisp apples.
This weekend it will be Pumpkin Pie:)))
Just wouldn't be Thanksgiving with out it.
its me, sam said…
Island Witch, chips and I = very little self-control. My older sister does the best thing... buy the chips, eats what she wants and them dumps the rest straight into the garbage. Me, I'll just keep picking and picking... I've been snakcing on paper bag popcorn and different seasons from the bulk barn when I'm at home.
The Witch said…
I also do the paper bag popcorn.
I wonder if other bloggers know how much better it is for you and cheaper than those microwave type bags.
It also turns out perfect every time.

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