Frenchies, how I love you and how it relates to losing weight.

Today, I'm wearing an Anne Taylor Loft sweater that I picked up at Frenchies ( a used clothing chain that buys the clothes from the US and sells them in the Maritime). For 3.75 I'm wearing a sweater that makes me warm, a great color and fits well. It's the third Anne Taylor Loft I've found in the past year and they fit my body type very well. At this time, I'd say close to a 1/3 of my closet comes from second hand stores. Blouses -some with the tags still on them, sweaters and pants, plus 1 brand new pair of shoes all came from this source.

As a child, I loved hand-me-downs, nothing was better than seeing the garbage bag or two show up at the door and digging in! The only thing I won't buy is underwear or a bathing suit bottom. Now, it's a good thing for me, as my weight keeps falling ( I weighed myself yesterday and I weigh 155 lbs... I got on and off the scales three times, not believing the number that was there. I measured my waist too and it's down from 34 inches to 32 inches...

The reason behind the post I've found a place to buy clothes that look good and can act as transition pieces while my weight continues to fall, and I'm not going to pay a huge fortune for them. Now if only I can find a pair of skinny jeans that fit.. ( the new ones I bought in August? sag and bag after a few hours... to the point they look like riding pants!

I'd like to be down to around 140-145 and fit to boot. I'm figuring that I'll be about 145 by Christmas time. That will be my lowest weight in a very long time... 14 years I'm guessing... I should have kept my skinny guess jeans from 1993, I think I may actually fit them again soon!


Jane said…
I wear a real mix between new and used. Buying used has been a lifelong practise and although I can afford new, I still prefer to get a deal:)
Congratulations on losing weight - what is your secret??
Frenchies sounds wonderful - do you know if there are any on PEI?
jpkittie said…
wahoo!!! that is amazing! I really need to take off a few pounds... I was hoping to start with exercising while dd was in school starting this past monday, but I have a sick kid at home... so hopefully tomorrow ???

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