What did I do today?

I drove an hour to see an old friends. We talked for 5 hours straight and it was wonderful. This afternoon I joined some family and friends and we did a boat tour then supper and it was even better. total spent today 4.75 on coffee and muffins, 53.00 for a boat tour, dinner ( one drink, main course and dessert plus tip). The food was amazing. Chicken stuffed with feta and spinach, with veggies and garlic mashed potatoes, dessert was apple crisp with vanilla ice cream, tea and Bailey's).

It was very relaxing and now I'm off to read,then bed! Here's to another relaxing day tomorrow!


Canadian Saver said…
You have had such a busy year, I'm so glad you are enjoying your vacation!! The boat trip sounds really great :-)

enjoy tomorrow too!

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