What are the chances?

Today started out average, work, run a few errands, and we decided to join a few friends at the beach this afternoon ( there is one far from the house. My sister and nephew joined us, and my mother had let us know that my brothers youngest was coming over for a few days. My nephew was pumped!

We're driving back from out little trip, and my mother called in hysterics... Yep, she found a louse in her head and was very upset. ( she was blaming my sister to giving them to her). So my sister and I came up with a plan, I'll take her little guy to my mom's with me, as he wanted to see his cousin and I would take care of my mother. Got to my mothers, she said please check your brothers little guy.

OMG... Poor kid was loaded, and I mean loaded ( I'm guessing at a conservative 500 nits on his head). He most likely had them for about 10 days or more. I treated him and started the combing process. After 20 minutes and clearing a 2 inch patch, my mom managed to get my brother on the phone, and told him the scoop. I asked him if I could shave my nephews head, as that was going to be the best way to make sure we got them all. My poor sister in law, was in tears. She and my brother started doing head checks, and one of their other boys had them too, and he got his head shaved also.

So what are the chances my mother, at 70, would get head lice, not once, but twice in 8 days, in two different cities, from family members that haven;t seen each other since June? I'd say they're pretty low. I stayed calm, my sister in law asked me if i was laughing on the phone and I said "it's better to laugh than to cry". PS. My SIL called the daycare her youngest goes to. They had a child with them last Monday, and didn't let the parents of the others know...

Oh and i did spend money today, 17.50 on my bad habit and 56 at the grocery store for dog food, etc.


Maureen said…
Ohhhh my goodness those dirty little critters have raised there ugly heads again.LOL

Your post really cracked me up, and now I,m starting to itch :)

Your poor Mum !!!!
The Witch said…
I'm starting to check my head now and I don't even know what I'm looking for.
This is too surreal. What are the odds? Hope they were OK with getting their head shaved?
Again you handled the situation easily and with humour.

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