Tuesday, a day of feeling unsettled...

I didn't spend any money yesterday, but was rather restless and felt unsettled all day. I worked, did a bit of cleaning, ate well, lunch was local peas, roasted baby potatoes with onions and chicken, supper was a burger with local yellow beans and carrots. I also finished the second almond/toffee bar for an afternoon snack.

Today I have a dentist appointment, and I work at my PT job tonight. I've decided to make a list called "5 things to do today". I need to keep on task, and I figure 5 things both big and small are easily accomplished in a day.

Today's list includes: walk the dog, make jam, complete CO, go through 1 bin, take movies back to library.

I'm going to call DD tonight when I get home from work, and see when she's planning on flying home, so i can ensure that I'm off work. Other than that I'll keep tracking my budget and get things figured out for the fall.


its me, sam said…
CO's completed, 4 jars of jam made ( 2 raspberry, 2 raspberry/peach), movies taken back, and 1 bin and 1 box sorted ( the garbage has been tossed). The dog will get his walk tonight after work, and it'll be a quick one!
The Witch said…
You are always so busy.
We picked raspberries on Monday and froze them all.
I could still make jam at a later date and the raspberry/peach sounds interesting.
Is it a freezer jam?
DD will be coming home so soon, or has time just flown by that quickly?
Sharon said…
Hi Sam,
Do you have a recipe for the jam? It sounds delicious! I think lists are helpful. I have a list of 10 things to complete before my out of town company comes!
Maureen said…
I love the sound of Raspberry and Peach jam. Congrats on list achieved.
its me, sam said…
It's freezer jam. I ran out of raspberries and I think Frugal girl made the raspberry peach jam. I had a can of peaches that on one Dd's friends bought , so I opened them chopped then and added them . It tasted good. I used clubhouse freezer mix, it uses 1.5 cups of sugar for 4 cups of berries. It took me less than an hour to make the jam from start to finish.

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