Tuesday August 24- A new crackberry for DD, plus the tally so far for today

Yes, I bought DD a new phone yesterday, plus a student plan for school. She has her new number, and a new toy ( Blackberry Curve). The phone I paid 56.49 for, plus she has a 3 year plan which will be just about 60.00/month. She'll have my 5, unlimited texts and whatever else she needs. This is the one thing that I've committed to paying for when it comes to school. I'll be taking her old phone so I'll have it when I'm driving back and forth to work. ( I'll be keeping her old number too, it just makes life easier that way).

I also spent 35.18 on groceries again... I so need to meal plan... Plus I spent 33.90 on new underwear. I found a style that I really liked and fit well. So I splurged on my undies.

Today. 8.26 at Tim Horton's and 98.16 on the car's inspection, an oil change and new air filter.

Later on this afternoon will be a beach afternoon... That's the one thing DD asked to do...


The Witch said…
Wow you are a GREAT MOM!!
Blackberry curve, DD you are so lucky.
No need to say anything more.
Maureen said…
Good for DD the beach is a good enjoyable cheap option. You had an expensive day !!!!!!
its me, sam said…
Spent 9.00 at the beach on drinks and ice cream, plus 6.00 at the grocery store... Plus my sister drove home as I was way too tired and I slept the whole way, along side my nephew who crashed too! The added bonus of today's beach day, lots and lots of waves and warm water, thanks to the full moon last night! What fun playing in the water!

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