Total damages for Monday, the 23rd

Black pants - 11.30 ( bought second hand, tags still on, and they're petites which meand no hemming)
groceries- 26.32 ( lots of crackers, tuna, and the fixings for steak sandwiches and beef and brocoli ( i had the steak but nothing else)
Canadian Tire 68.20 ( things for DD's dorm room, TP and stuff to fix the dogs lead)
Shoppers 39.49 ( stuff for DD at Univ)

The birthday party was fun, great to see family and have a few laughs. I had never been to my cousins home, and his yard was to die for. Filled with apple trees and beautiful flower beds. It reminded me of the home that one of my Dads sisters had when i was a kid. We spent many a family gatherings there, running through their apple orchard, beaning each other with apples.

My nephew had fun, playing with the other kids and yes, they all threw apples at one another. Plus the kids had an added bonus of a bunch of baby garter snakes and the older girls were holding them and one peed on my nephews hand.

Oh and my mother is getting blueberries at a very cheap price. So I'll be having lots to use this winter.


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