Today's spends

I gave 3 nephews $15.00 each ( 45.00 total), 35 for gas, 6.75 for bagels and coffee. Fun had today, priceless to spend an afternoon with my 2 youngest nephews, listening to them play with their "guys" ( lego men and action figures), then use driftwood as swords and general weapons of destruction.

On the way home, I was about 35 minutes away from home and my sister spotted a momma moose and her 2 babies on the side of the road. We slowed down and they scampered back into the woods. It was a scary minute, as I wasn't sure which was she would bolt. We made it home safe and sound, the dog made out fine today ( I had a friend come over in the afternoon to let him out).

Now I'm off to bed, as I work in the morning and at my PT job tomorrow night. Plus cleaning of the bed. No critters or their eggs spotted today.


Maureen said…
The start of another working week Grrrrr. Thank goodness the critters have gone !!!!
The Witch said…
Glad that there is no critters lurking any where.
Thank God the moose ran back into the bushes, like you said you just never know what way they may go. Would have been nice too see, from a distance.

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