Today's spend 67.??

Well, I ended up with the dreaded critters... I think I may have had them for about 3 days tops, as there were no adults to be found, just a few eggs... we figure that they were transferred from the headrest in the car. So I bought 2 cans of spray ( toxic as hell), a super comb and a bottle of treatment. I sprayed the car and the car seat. 1 can of spray and the super comb I left with my sister as it was very fine and did a better job that the one she had. I, myself, used the flea comb I had for the cat, as it was super fine, and never used, as the cat would not let us near him to brush him.

SO the day was spent cleaning ( Thank god my house was clean to begin with as it only took me 1/2 hour to vacuum, bag unwashable items,and strip beds), 3 loads of laundry and helping my sister took 2 hours. So tomorrow morning, it's strip the bed, vacuum again and clean some more...

But on the bright side, I'l be spending the day with family tomorrow, so I'm happy about that! Work was dead... I made 30.00... But hey, it's more than I started with.


Jolie said…
ohhhhh that is never a fun time. There is so much clean up maintenance to do when you get them. On the bright note, just the power of your suggestion had me scratching my head. You are very powerful LOL

I am not looking forward to lice season at school.
Canadian Saver said…
It sucks that you were punished (the critters) for the good deed you did (loan of car).


Hope you got rid of them!!
Maureen said…
Brave of you to talk about this embarrassing subject, but just remember that lice like to lay their eggs on clean hair. I suppose that,s some kind of compliment :)
The Witch said…
Lice yuk!
It certainly doesn't sound like a fun time, but you always handle even the crappiest and hardest situations with style and humor.
Which is why I love your blog.
Hope you get rid of the suckers. I know when school season starts parents are always getting phone calls to come and pick-up their children for lice.
Never heard of the olive oil treatment sound like a better way then those harsh chemicals.
Hope you have a great family day today.
its me, sam said…
Little critters love clean hair, and my sister is very careful about her hair ( she's a teacher too Jolie), and her little guy doesn't even like a dirty shirt.

I think we got them, but they are very resistant to the chemical treatments, hence the use of olive oil.( Mayo works too, as the oil smothers them). But its hard to get out of your hair. LOL

Witch, I've learned the hard way to handle things with humor... If I get to worked up, no one else is going to pick up the pieces.

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