Today's the 14th- time for a spending update

My spending budget looked like this at the beginning of the month:
Dentist - 75.00- so far I've spent 276.00 ( I'll get back 80% - 220.80)- 55.20
Vet 150 - 119.55
car registration - 75 - 129.00 ( a jump of 50.00)
gas- 150 - 78.63

groceries- 250- I've spent 69.69 so far
fun - 85- 13.00
restaurants/ coffee-70.00- 5.95 spent
personal hygiene - 20- 32.20 over by 12.20
household/gifts- 75.00- 74.47
smoking- 150.00 - 69.99
clothing- 75.00 -28.20 ( blouse, shoes bought second hand, both with tags still on them, legging and 4 pairs of footies)
dog- 31.60 ( food and 3 new tennis balls)
charity - 3.25
DD 100 ( I didn't budget for this)

Tonight I made 82.00 at the restaurant. I had one table whose bill was 42.00 and they left 70.00 in the bill fold! I was very excited!

Plus I'm now officially on vacation, 5 days to do what ever I want, and the dog is going to the kennel for 3 of those days, so I only have me to take care of!


The Witch said…
Now that's a tip!!
Hope you have a great vacation, and I think having the dog in the kennel for a few days is a wonderful idea. You can travel, stay out late or just go to the beach all day without having to worry about the dog or taking him out for a pee.
Great thinking!!!
Sharon said…
Enjoy your time off!
Hopefully you'll do something relaxing and fun!

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