Sunday and Monday the start of August

Sunday I spent 29.50 on bread and ye old faithful bad habit. Today I spent zero dollars. I made 60.00 last night, and it was one messed up night. The team just didn't gel, and it really showed. I was not very happy with most of them. today I did a bit of cleaning, walked the dog who decided that the marsh was a good place to swim which equaled one dirty dog! I got the bulk of the dirt off him, but he doesn't smell very good. He'll need a trip to the dog wash in the next few days.

My sister borrowed my vehicle as she went to start hers today and it wouldn't go. I called her this morning to offer her mine, as she's been having problems with it, and she laughed, telling me that it wouldn't start. I'm glad that I was able to do this for her, as they had planned an over night trip and her little guy was very excited to be going.

I have the cash set aside for the dentist, so I will not be spending any money tomorrow. I'll be working, making jam and walking the dog. Plus I made plans for later in the month, so I need to book the day trip for 5 or 6 people.

I'll keep tabs on my expenses for the month again here, and in my book. I'm off now to watch Amelia and snack on some popcorn.


Maureen said…
How thoughtful of you to offer your car, I bet your Sister was delighted at not letting her Son down.

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