Summer is offically over for me!

I go back to the office tomorrow morning and so begins another year ( actually 8 or 9 months) of making the 2 hour trek to work on Mondays and back again on Fridays. The biggest difference this year will be DD will be away to University. I've arranged for someone to come and stay in the house 2 nights a week and my mother will come for 1, so that's a relief.

Today I spent 28.90 on gas, 28.47 at the store, 2.25 on a birthday card and gift bag, and around 25.00 on groceries ( bread, mayo, blueberries, watermelon, yogurt, carrots, bananas and onions).

Saturday was a no spend day and I ended up making 60 at work.( I started the day today with 210.00).

I'm off to bed, as 5:30 comes early!


Jolie said…
It is for me too. students come. My but it goes fast doesn't it? It was so chilly tonight I made hot chocolate LOL. Have a great day at work tomorrow.
Sharon said…
Wow, what do you do that takes you away from home?
The Witch said…
Summer's not over yet you still have a long weekend coming this Monday. YA!! One less drive day.
Sounds like you are going to keep the house for awhile, or are you still thinking of moving.
Do you still get to rent from the nice lady through the week like last year?
its me, sam said…
Witch, I'll keep the house for another year or so ( I plan on putting on the market in the spring), I;m staying with the same lady, so my rent will be cheap again. Sharon, I work for the gov't and last summer got an offer for a job for 2 years, with a guarantee that my old job will be waiting for me when i go back.I'm looking as transferring within the Dept I work for, and would like to move where there are opportunities to do a few more things ( like date).

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