Spending today, August 6, 2010

Sobey's 11.06 ( brown paper bags, veggies and juice)
Vehicle Registration - 129.00 ( Not the 75.00 I thought)
Bulk Barn - 4.76 = mini cookies .80, BBQ peanuts 1.43, oreo cookies( 2/pack, 4 packs .44 bubble gum .63, popcorn seasoning .67 (dill pickle) & .52( white cheddar)
My bad Habit 26.24
Lotto - 2.00
Wal-Mart- 7.57 food ( tuna x 2, HP sauce)
Wal-Mart - birthday gift( 15.67)
Wal-Mart - house 13.80 ( 2 photo boxes for DD, plus liquid soap)

Grand total 78.96 in cash, 129.00 in debit=207.96

I picked up my cheque from my PT job = 284.55

I was a Nit picker today... Literally... My sister's family ended up with the dreaded infestation, I told my sister to soak her head in olive oil and wrap a bag around her hair. 4 hours after I got there I was finished. She had treated the family the medical way on Sunday, and yesterday she found 2 small live ones on her scalp. It's hard to do you own hair, so I helped her out, mine is super short, so I didn't worry too much. It's a ton of work, going through a head strand by strand. The oil smothers the suckers, and helps to side them off the hair. I ended up using nail scissors and snipping the hair above the nit, as I wasn't taking any chances. I'll do another check tomorrow morning, to see if I missed any.

Sunday morning we're off to my brother's youngest B-day. We'll be driving, and my sister and I will split the cost of gas.

Oh and I accomplished my list of 5 things today!

Tomorrow's list-
finish mowing lawn
check sister head and help her clean again.
clear off kitchen table
spend 15 minutes clearing the computer desk and filing papers
go thought 1 bin in the basement


Maureen said…
Nits and headlice, don,t you hate the little suckers. We live in a warm and humid part of the world, and my Daughter finds it so hard to keep her kids heads clean.

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