Spending for Tueday the 17th

I spent 15.41 on a few groceries ( cheese, bacon, a tomato and a red onion and chips). Plus I spent 11.98 on 2 tickets for Eat, Pray, Love for myself and my sister. I wasn't overly impressed with the movie, but I did like the actors that portrayed the characters.

Todays plans are babysitting for my sister while she gets a haircut and I'm planning on washing the basement floor so I can start to paint it tomorrow. I may go to the beach for a few hours today or tomorrow, but I'm just happy sitting reading and relaxing.


Sharon said…
I want to see the movie too, should I wait until it comes out on video? I was thinking with all the hype out there, it wasn't as good as the book.
its me, sam said…
Sharon, I would see if your theater offers a cheap movie night and go, otherwise I'd wait until it goes out on video.

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