SO my expenses ended up being 34.25 ( 26.25 smoking, 4.00 for a lotto ticket 2.0 for charity and 2.00 for a coffee.) I did make 70.00 tonight.( Saturday).

Sunday was a no spend, no drive day for me. I ironed my blouses for work while listening to CBC radio, emptied 2 bins in the basement, swept, vacuumed and read the paper, the flyers and did a couple of crosswords. A friend came over for a visit and we talked for a few hours.

I'm not used to having people in the house with me anymore, and having DD drop her things and go on to the next thing has driven me a little crazy. She has to unpack her suitcases, and repack them with the things she'll need for school. I still need her to supply me with a list of what she needs for her dorm room and we need to buy the stuff.

Tonight my cousin is having a 70th birthday party for her mom ( my dad's sister). We asked what we could bring and she has everything done, so all we need to do is bring our selves.

Today I'm planning on going to Shoppers to pick up a few things and Canadian Tire too.
Oh and DD never did get her books, so she'll order then today, have a few delivered here and pick up the rest when she gets there. ( No, I wasn't happy as that was the reason she flew into the other big city was to get the damn books).


The Witch said…
It will probably take some time getting use to having DD back especially since you have been on a schedule for itemizing things you want to get done.
You have really kept yourself busy and it probably was a mini vacation for you not having to pick-up after someone or nag them to do things that need to be done.
Hopefully she will get on board and help you out with what is needed for school.
Hope you have a nice time at the Birthday party.
Maureen said…
Teenagers you can,t live with them and you can,t live without them LOL
Sharon said…
Ah, getting ready for college and dorm shopping...remember to take some Advil before you will help with the shock of how expensive everything is! :)!

Glad you have some company back, even for a short time!

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