Shopping in the big city can be dangerous to the wallet!

SO DD and I venture to the closest big city today, to go to Costco and a few other stores.

Total damages for my wallet-
100.00 Home sense ( I paid for part of DD's stuff for her Dorm room)
103.95 on black boots and wedge sandals- ( I love them both!)
Costco- 157.86
gas- 48.00
lunch- 11.27
smoking -17.49

Plus DD paid for my new jeans, and 3 t-shirts ( 45.00 in total).

So I've gone over budget, but I found the boots that I've been looking for for a few years, the jeans look great and I'm feeling really good. Now it's time for bed.

PS DD's bedding she got? We priced it on line at 250, and she scored it at 120.00!


Maureen said…
That was an expensive outing, but good to come back with things you really wanted. Well done.

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