The results of the limited spending in July...

First off I did not meet the goal of 450.00 for the month. I had 200 for food, 100 for gas, and 150 for other stuff including fun. I had nothing budgeted for household, clothing, my bad habit, books, personal or restaurants/coffee.

So here goes:
Fun- 83.92
bad habit-148.70
vet 113.00
groceries- 270.52 ( minus 29.37 on the dog)=241.15
personal 65.00
restaurants/coffee 66.90

grand total 1225.11

What an eye opener for me. I've always sort of tracked my spending but not like this month. I finally get what I've heard Gail say over the years... You need to keep track in order to get a handle on things. Out of that total 275.82 were on once in a life time things: like framing my degree, buying DD's photos, having the cat put down, buying photo albums.

The bras I purchased? I should have only bought 1 and tried it, then bought the second if I loved it. Lesson learned. I did this month repair 2 pairs of pants, sew buttons on clothing and I'll have 4 pairs of pants hemmed in August. I will not need new pants for September, but I would like to find a couple of skirts/ wrap dresses. I would also like to find a pair of black leggings, flat black calf length boots, and a pair of brown boots with a heel. ( to wear with pants and dresses/skirts).

I can say I feel much better mentally now, knowing my house is looking good and the clutter is being kept at bay.

SO for the month of August here's what's on the agenda:
Dentist -75.00
vet -150.00
car registration -75.00
inspection 25.00
Kennel fees 60.00
Gas 160.00
fun 85.00
restaurants- 70.00
personal -20.00
household 75.00
my bad habit - 150.00
clothing- 75.00


I may need to get somethings for DD and school. It will be very limited and I will be watching the sales. I'll keep you posted on her too!


Sharon said…
Isn't it an eye opener when you track? Sometimes when you spend $10 here and $10 there it doesn't seem like much.

It's only day 1 of August, and I've already spent almost $300.00!
Maureen said…
Why don,t you join me on my no spend August, obviously you have to cover the main outgoings but it will make you think twice about some of the other places we spend.
its me, sam said…
I agree Sharon, it was quite an eye opener. Maureen, I'm going back to my office at the end of the month, so I won't be working from home until Christmas time. I also want to do a few "fun" things, like a day trip to somewhere I've never been before, tubing ( which I didn't do yet) and a possible boat tour and dinner. I'd rather have too much money allotted than not enough. I may not buy any clothing, but I'd like to have the option if I see something that would be suitable. I'll track my money like I did last month, and we'll see how I do!

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