Friday's expenses

Kennel fees 70 ( I forgot about the taxes)
groceries 25

tips made 70 ( I only took tables for 4 hours then managed for the rest of the time).

DD still hasn't made it home, today is the day. I'm excited to see her and I'm hoping she gets here before I leave for work. I also got my pay from my PT job yesterday 400.00!

I'm not going anywhere but work today, so my expenses for the day will be zero! I'll clean up the house, cook and do some yard work, other than that no big plans.


its me, sam said…
SO my expenses ended up being 34.25 ( 26.25 smoking, 4.00 for a lotto ticket 2.0 for charity and 2.00 for a coffee.) I did make 70.00 tonight.

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