Friday - no spend and work

Yesterday I committed to staying home and getting things done, like laundry, mowing the lawn and general household cleaning. DD and my sister went shopping to finish up her list for school ( my sister held off on giving my DD a graduation gift and yesterday she spent the afternoon with DD buying her things and spending time with her).

I worked last night and I made 150.00... I wasn't run off my feet, and it was busy, but not as insane as a few other evenings, I was very happy! I work again today, and I should make between 100 -200 depending on the day.

Tomorrow's plans include a Birthday party in the early afternoon and a movie with DD tomorrow evening. Plus I go back to the office on Monday, so I need to have some lunches made, a few groceries bought and clothes packed!


Maureen said…
That was very generous of your Sister, it lightens up your load a bit.
I,m returning to work next week after 2 months and I will have to get myself back into some kind of routine soon.

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