Friday the 13th

Was a good day. I worked from 12-9 and it was crazy busy. From 6-8:30 the restaurant didn;t have an empty table. I made 100.00 for my efforts. I'm happy about that. I did go to the dentist this morning and he did the work on 2 teeth ( 180.00). Which means I have to go back in September to have the last one done. I did send DD 100.00 today, so she could get a few things for school. Her dad bought her computer ( refurbished mac book) and it's being shipped here. She's very excited! She flies in to the city where's she's going to University, spending a few days with a friend and she'll be home next week-end. I'm working both Friday and Saturday night next week ( both closing shifts).

I was supposed to start my vacation tonight, but they're short 2 servers tomorrow night, so I agreed to go in. I'm the first to leave however, that was my deal. So I'll have a pay from my PT job for over 300.00 next week.

Next week will be spent running the roads, and I may take a trip to the big city one day, without worrying about the dog...

I just realized that I've been blogging for 2 years as of August 9th! I'd like to say thanks to everyone that reads and comments or just reads my thoughts ( even when I talk about head lice). I can say that this is one thing that I've kept up for the past 2 years!


The Witch said…
Another great night in tips for you!
I bet you can hardly wait to see DD when she gets home. Glad to hear that she is going to University after all, it seemed like she was thinking of taking the year off at one point.
Glad you stuck with the blogging I really enjoy your blog!
Anonymous said…
Happy Blogiversary!
its me, sam said…
I'm excited that she's coming home. As far as school goes, she's decided that she'll do one year on University, then it's looking like she'll be going back to BC to go to school there next year and live with her dad. The best program that she's interested in is out there. If things go as she's planning, she'll graduate at 20 from school, and start her career.
Canadian Saver said…
Happy Bloggerversary! (sp??)

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