The damage today

96.00 for the dentist ( I'll get 80% back). I need to go back next week and have 3 fillings. Actually they're not fillings, but I brush my teeth too hard on one side and have made the gums receed. So instead of having surgery on my gums ( which is very painful), my dentist will put a layer of white filling over the exposed parts. Total damage for this- between 270- 336. Ouch. Thankfully I have coverage for 80%. I also need to start using my night guard again, as I've been grinding my teeth in my sleep. ( All I need to do is soak it in bleach for a few hours and it's good to go).

I worked tonight, and managed the restaurant from 6:00 on. I ended up making 85.00 tonight, with 5.00 going to the lottery pool. I'll have to put gas in the car tomorrow, I figure 45.00 will do it). I will have late lunch out tomorrow, as I've been waiting all summer for this treat ( homemade fries...) Tomorrow I'm on the road for my FT work. So my 5 things for tomorrow are: make work related phone calls, photocopy documents, organize desk and gather paperwork for new staff, plus sit down and make my menu plan for work, and start getting things bought for my desk ( like crackers, teas, etc). I get bored at work and tend to snack in the afternoon, so I need healthy, low sodium snacks to keep me going! I know I can make soups and stir frys for lunches, but it' s the snacks I need ideas for.

I must go to bed, as I've been up since 6, and didn't have a nap today!


Maureen said…
No wonder Dentists are all so well off, they charge like wounded bulls. Enjoy your weekend

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