Beach day today!

My sister, nephew and I went to a local beach that we've never been to before. I paid 8.00 for our admission, and it was wonderful. They had clean bathroom, picnic areas and lots of room to move on the beach. I put 48.62 in for gas and spent around 15.00 in groceries. I made sesame noodles and we cooked chicken, peppers and red onions. Yummy. All and all a good day. DD is not home yet, she'll be coming sometime tomorrow. I'll pick up the dog tomorrow morning and life as a total single person will be over. I've enjoyed my mini staycation and didn't spend a ton of money.

I'm off to veg in front of the tv and I think I'll be asleep very soon. All the sunshine has been great!


Maureen said…
You threw me a bit when you said that you had to pay to use a beach, I,ve never heard of that before. Bet you are looking forward to DD,s return.
its me, sam said…
The beach is attached to a privately run campground and by having to pay, it keeps undesirables out. I don;t mind paying if I have access to bathrooms and picnic tables.
The Witch said…
Sounds like a great beach area, I don't object to paying either because it usually means clean bathrooms. You had a great week for vacation the weather has been perfect. I hope DD gets home also before you go to work. It must have seemed like a very long time that she has been gone, you'll have lots of catching up on. Hard to believe that she'll be off to school in a few more weeks.
My gosh where has the Summer gone?

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