What I spent on the 7th

Yesterday i spent 12.49 at Wendy's, 2.15 for a coffee at the airport, 2.50 for parking, 11.54 at Chapters, 15.00 at the drug store and I gave my mom 40.00 to pick up my strawberries to make freezer jam on Friday. I also got paid from my PT job ( 137.97, and deposited that in the bank, withdrawing 60 to pay for the strawberries and PH items)total spent 81.18.

It was so hot last night, and I didn't want to cook. So I went into a local fried chicken place to get supper. There was a line up, so i checked for my wallet, and it wasn't there. So out to the car i go, grab the wallet and take 2 steps back towards the restaurant and decide that no, I'll go home and eat leftovers from the BBQ the night before. Sharon, I will admit that you popped into my brain as I was making the decision not to go back in.

Today's plan include taking the dog for a walk this am, working at my desk for a few hours, cleaning the house and working tonight at my PT job. It will be busy I suspect at the restaurant, as it's supposed to get up to 44 C with the humidity today!


Maureen said…
Yuck to the humidity, where we live in queensland it goes off the scale in the summer, hope your Restaurant has it,s airconditioning jacked up.

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