What I did today, July 17, 2010

I spent 9.76 at a second hand clothing store on a pair of shorts and a shirt, plus 2 books,. I spent 10.31 at the grocery store for a lime, cherries, grapes, and chips. I spent 2.50 at a local bakery on frozen pizza dough.

I knew I was going out tonight and it's going to be an oven where I'm going tonight. Too hot for jeans and even capris, I only own one skirt, and its too dressy, as are my 2 dresses. I own 2 pairs of shorts one are over 20 years old, and the other pair is frumpy. I love second hand shopping, and knew what I wanted either a summery skirt or beige shorts that were not too long or too short, flat fronts, with a wide waist band. I found them! I own t-shirts, and blouses and nothing really in-between for summer. So when I spotted the polo shirt, I knew it was perfect! I also found a ton of ANN TAYLOR LOFT shirts and sweaters, but they were mediums, too small for me!

I ended up taking 40.00 out of the bank today ( I paid cash for everything), as I knew if I had cash only, I could only spend what was in my wallet. I left twenty in the car and had 35 in my wallet. I still have 30 left! ( I'm sure I'll put a big dent into that tonight).

I'm off to eat supper and continue cleaning the house. I've been taking http://www.flylady.net advice to heart, and I'm getting my house in order! 15 minutes at a time. DD's bed is cleared off, as is mine, and I'm finding homes for lots of things! I do want to find/purchase a case for my CD"S, DVD's and 2 photo boxes.


The Witch said…
Fly lady must be having some impact on you, I'll have to check her out also. You really seem to have your spending under control too. It's so nice when you can find clothing that just fits and at a great price also.
I also found a great pair of shorts and t-shirts, plus I made a trip into Costco, that was where I should have been like you and just went in with 20.00.

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