Wednesday was a beach day

After completing my work, my sister and I took my nephew to the beach. I filled the tank with gas ( 53.36 and got back 1.20 in CT money), plus I spent 2.50 on an ice cream when we left the beach. The wind was cold at the beach and I ended up falling asleep on the beach, waking up to put my t-shirt on and then sitting up chatting with my sister and nephew. I did get bit by a horse fly on the upper outside of my thigh, and it swelled a bit but nothing like last year. And I didn't bring any allergy medication either. ( note to self, small first aid kit in the beach bag)

I talked to DD for a bit last night, she's still not sure what she wants to do come fall, no job yet in the big city ( she got offered one for September) and is homesick. I keep encouraging her to keep looking and to see what's out there.

Today's plans for me include working, organizing photos and to finish downloading CD's to I-tunes ( so far we have 8 days worth of music on the computer).


Maureen said…
I really cheap day for you if you had,nt needed gas. I love the beach.

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