Tuesday Spending

ZERO... I managed not to spend 1 red cent and actually found 1.26 while cleaning out a drawer today ( sorry DD but what I find is mine). I worked tonight and brought home 33.00 ( considering my sales were 275.00 I'm happy). The 33.00 will go towards coffee, milk and some fruit. I may even get an ice cream one night this week! LOL

It's still very humid, with no sign of relief. I still have 2 nights to work this week, plus 2 more 8 hour shifts next week. ( my boss is scheduling me for 2 long shifts as opposed to 3 short ones, as it's hard to get people to let the dog out during the evenings, so asking someone 1 x week as opposed to 2 or 3 is much better).


Canadian Saver said…
Way to go!

Speaking of ice cream, I'm craving some too :-) Might treat myself tomorrow!
Maureen said…
I,m going to start going through drawers and cupboards to see how much I can make today. Congrats on another no spending day.
The Witch said…
You have gotta love no spend days and to find money also..Sweet.

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