Today's spending

I spent 20.00 this morning on a salad bowl and 6 seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD. The lady owns season 3 but couldn't find it before the sale, so she'll call when she finds it!

I worked and made 45.00, not too bad. I'll hold off on groceries until Monday morning. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain , so I'm going to tackle the basement. DD and I are chatting on facebook right now, and she's doing good.

I made plans for later on this week to go tubing with friends, so that should be a good way to beat the heat! Plus on Monday I'm going to be driving to the big city, so more gas money ( which I'm going to be over in due to 3 events in the big city and beyond that my presence was required at).

My fun fund is almost depleted for the month, as is my gas budget! But food costs are way down, so I think I'll be OK!


The Witch said…
I think you are doing great on your budget.
The driving and cost of gas always kills us too. Hubby is off for 5 weeks but I still have to drive in for work everyday next week because my car pool driver is on vacation(:
Can't wait to hear all about the tubing. I checked out both the websites and they both seem just fine. I'll wait to see which one you try.
I visited your blog accidently and liked it. I would like to follow your journey. I have added your blog to my blogroll and I would love if you can do same.
Please visit my blog and see if you can place it in your roll.
Sharon said…
Sounds like a great plan, tubing is a blast!!

You got a great deal on the dvds!

You can always borrow from the food money if you have excess...

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