Today's spending July 16th

ZERO once again. I cleaned out the spare room, making it my temporary office for the summer, delivered the bed and dresser to my sister so she can stage her house for it's up coming sale.

Work was dead, so I volunteered to go home early. my sales were under 250, and I brought home 13.00. Hey it's more that I started with!

I work again Sunday, and my next shift after that isn't until the following Saturday, so on Sunday night I would like to make a minimum of 125.00. I'm going out tomorrow night, and my friend will be giving me the money for the ticket, so I'll have money for beer tickets and for food afterward ( I'll eat at gut truck at about 1:00 am tomorrow night, so that should be 5.00). I can walk home after, so I won't be paying for a cab either.

Since I got off work so early, i sat outside with the dog, throwing the ball around the yard and watched the sunset. It's been so long since I've watch the sky change at night, and I felt very peaceful, drinking my tea, seeing the clouds change and having the dog sitting beside me, even if it was just for a few seconds.


Sharon said…
Sounds like a great evening. It's so refreshing to finish the day with the same amount of cash you started with in the a.m. Good for you!
Jolie said…
There is much to be said for the wealth and richness of those little moments.
The Witch said…
Sounds like your going to have a great weekend.
It must be nice to be-able to work from home now, and should be shaving you some gas money also.
Hope your having a great weekend

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