Today's spending July 15, 2010

I spent 17.41 on groceries, clementines, avocados, tomatoes, a small can of coffee and milk.

I also spent at 8.75 on my bad habit ( to get through the next few days).

I spent 113.00 having the cat put down. I cried and stayed the whole time. DD cried when she called me on the phone.

So I've officially gone over my budget.


The Witch said…
Oh Sam,
So Sorry that you had to put the cat down. Been there and done that and it is so very very hard emotionally. I cried for a long time and didn't feel myself because really it is still a family member you have lost. Glad you stayed with her/him.
its me, sam said…
Thanks Island Witch...
Canadian Saver said…
I'm really sorry about your cat :-( Staying with them while they are being put to sleep is the best thing we can do for them. Someone once told me we owed it to them as repayment for all the love they gave us :-)
Oh dear! Sam, I'm so sorry to hear your kitty had to be put down. How sad! It's one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do. I stayed too. It's the least I could do for them after they gave me so much for so long. {{hugs}}

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